“memory, all alone on the pavement” 

do you even remember loving me? does that dark night cry at the window,

pawing at you to let her in? that one where we decided to try, and the shadows

of the door soon darkened on the pavement. we couldn’t get enough of each

other, and you wound yourself around me, and every night you came

to visit –  you came to, out of the daze of daily life, into the warmth

of a world that had just started to exist, when we kissed, and persisted

a little while. When exactly did you kick it out into the cold? When did

you tire of wanting me? I can’t remember, exactly; I just can tell, from

the way you stare deeply into your phone and touch your tender fingers over

the computer, that I am the last thing on your mind, and you don’t have the energy to

get up, let that dark night in and feed it, to make it stop whining.


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