The Solution/Choose One – Haiku Hijinks for Aimee

Too depressed? Try this:

Remove every X. Instead:

a) Choose yes, no, help.

b) Tell bad jokes; drink gin.

c) Know that all is god.

d) Know that all is crap.

e) Know all crap is god.

f) Shoot craps; mind the smell.

g) Wet lips from your well.

h) Relieve your duties.

i) Relieve your dootys.

j)  Release the wound hounds.

k) Replay the wild sounds.

l) Accept kisses, not cash.

m) Insert ‘boobs‘ and ‘poop‘.

n) Multiply by awe.

o) Ask y; Answer: Cuz!

p) Solve for total love.

q) Pee on an old tree.

r) Breathe in Caesar’s breath.

s) Drink dinosaur pee.

t) Resist solving magic.

u) Insert dirt scribbles.

v) Practice poetry.

w) Sing your misery.

x) Scat your history.

y) Write it; pen your strike.

z) Strike it; make a light.


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