Heart Break

I asked the lady before you did

she want to donate a dollar just

one dollar and she said

no i wish somebody would give

ME a dollar for once she

just going OFF about that dollar and i

don’t even know why she had to

come through my line and get all

up in my face about it, people

so crazy these days, everything so

frantic and people so scared


heart broken? yeah i’m heart broken no

lie i am far from home, living on

somebody’s else couch, working

here and i ain’t got a man yeah i

came here for a better life i came

here to get away from that shit and

my brother killed and been here since

march and yeah, it’s a heart

break  here where i

don’t know nobody and i ain’t

got a man but i got this lady

complaining about this dollar when

it’s just one dollar and ain’t nobody give

two shits in the wind


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