if a jellyfish

if a giant globulous oval

a lavendar luminescent hernia from the fat of the sky

bulged forth, or rather skimmed and

no, not a metallic enclosure, chainmail and shadows,

buzzing with the scratched record music of other solar systems

but a gentle giantess from the deep

swimming up, large as a city

gush of slickness rimming its open underside

with eagerness and a glistening

it looks like it could levitate over

the houses, suction down and vaccuum us into its core

cup us in her gratuitous mouth while her tender

tendrils explored the doorways left open, the other

hollows of our various entrances

if such a creature came up into the horizon

and later we made a movie about it

if we are still around to make movies about it

i wonder what sounds we will pretend she made

i wonder how fierce we will try to play her

and who will get the lead roles

and who will we pretend gets eaten up

or stung, stunned into a corpse position

and yelling, save yourselves!



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