dies all the time (poem)

i won’t lie, i practice looking into your eyes

and everyone’s

and seeing god there, believing god’s home

is your heart, and everyone’s; but

if that is true

god dies all the time,


which means


god is somehow never really dead

or else she’s not really god

she’s just a charlatan

invisible and tricking

us into thinking  we’re more

than we are, though what we are

is more than we tend to think, we

are these whole universes springing up

in sodden little bodies, we are irreversible

individual instances of creation’s never-ending

bountiful imagination and evolutionary

ingenuity, we are incredible, each of us,

whole worlds spiral in our egocentric heads

and meanwhile the animating force of life

cheers us and chills us and cheats us of

what we want which is to know that we are

always loved and always safe and never

lost, which is always true, if you look into

the mirror and in your eyes notice that

even when you die, you have god in

you, and you are always connected

beyond this instance in time, and always

home, in this place which is her heart,

the heart of the universe that is not

only in your mind


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