Even Leaping

Even leaping in the lake and dancing

beneath a huge orange moon

peeled and glistening with the juice

of wet summer

sweating sticky into

yet another incarnation

the seasons dissolving and the stars

revolving around us as june’s

lightning bugs burn down to the

embers of something that once flew

within my skin

they fade soon

everything fades

and even marked by the umber mud my feet

washed, my longings

to feel it, hard to

leap like the tiny green crickets leap

out of the divide that splits my mind

from my body, and my body from its

world, and my heart from meeting

up with you, where it would be if

I could catch you, a flying razor

slice of fire, I had to take the fruit

and plunder it, so I could have you, taste

the swarming colors

of a new universe and old

desire, the bright lush

elements of a turning

earth, slipping like a silver

fish through the dark

waters of the night’s one

and only


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